The woman who admitted to killing her ex-boyfriend last Sunday went before a judge Tuesday.

Monica Delk, 35, is charged with criminal homicide in the stabbing death of Charles Brown IV in her College Hill Courts home.

Delk's two children were home at the time but did not see the murder. The kids' grandfather tells Channel 3 they're staying with him.

The Court Tuesday passed Delk's case to January 28, giving both sides more time to prepare their cases.

"She's a good person. Never been in trouble. Going to school. She's active in her kids' lives," said Janice Hammonds.

Janice Hammonds said she never thought she'd be defending her cousin in a murder case. But now she is after Delk admitted to stabbing her ex-boyfriend in the chest. The affidavit states "she stabbed the victim after an argument and while the suspect was dumping garbage out onto the kitchen floor. The suspect contacted her father-in-law via text message and had him to respond to her residence where she used his phone to call police to report the incident."

Delk told police she stabbed Brown around 8 p.m. and waited almost 10 hours to call police, according to the affidavit.

"I think the decision she made to take matters into her own hands was definitely the wrong one," said Brown's Aunt Pamela Hart.

Pamela Hart was one of almost a dozen of Brown's family and friends in court. She said Brown had been in trouble before, from drug charges to domestic harassment. But she said he was trying to better his life.

"The charges that were brought up against him were stimulated within a family. He never killed nobody. She had the opportunity to see 35, we wish he had the same opportunity as well," she said. "He was working to change his life.. He was in school. He has kids that are going to miss him. He has an aunt. He has a grandmother."

"I just want people to know that she's not the person she's been made out to be," Hammonds said of Delk. "She's a good person. She just defend herself, simple as that."

Delk will be back in court January 28.

Brown's death was the city's first homicide of 2014.