Air confetti noisemakers are causing some controversy between two  high school rivals.

TSSAA got involved after one school said the visiting team's noisemakers were fireworks that sounded like gunshots, said Cleveland City Schools superintendent, Martin Ringstaff.

"I don't believe it was the kind of issue that should have hit the TSSAA desk," Ringstaff said. "I think it could have been handled locally, and it wasn't."

A few blasts of confetti became a problem when Cleveland High School faced Bradley Central in a wrestling match Thursday night. The number one and number five teams have a long-heated rivalry.

Bradley Central contacted TSSAA, complaining Cleveland's student section was using fireworks inside the gym. The wrestling match was temporarily stopped due to the noise.

"It's not gunpowder or anything else fireworks would have," Ringstaff said. "You don't buy them at fireworks stores, you buy them at Hobby Lobby and Target."

The noisemakers are made of compressed air and make a popping noise when opened.

"It's no different if they brought a cowbell or one of those clapper things," he said. "If they brought those, we wouldn't have done anything but take them away."

According to TSSAA, artificial noisemakers are not allowed inside schools' indoor athletic events. That includes items like plastic clappers, air horns and confetti poppers.

TSSAA did not punish CHS, and the school did not punish its students, said Ringstaff. The students cleaned up the mess after the game and were told not to bring the poppers to future events.

Bradley Central High School did not return Channel 3's requests for comment.