Fire crews in Walker County spent more than four hours at the scene of an early morning house fire.

It happened around 3:30 Monday morning on South Jenkins Road in Chickamauga.

Officials on the scene tell Channel 3 it took more than two dozen Walker County firefighters to put the fire out.

The homeowner was not home at the time, but Walker County Battalion Chief Terry Newberry said the home is a total loss.
"Our neighbor, Mr. Tommy's house was on fire and we came out and it was totally engulfed in flames," said Neighbor Angela Groves.

Eyewitness Angela Groves was asleep when her 16-year-old daughter Alyssa Ford woke her to news of a fire across the street.

"I woke up about 3:40 because I was hearing a lot of sirens and I went to go look out my window and I saw it," said Alyssa Ford. "So, I went to go wake my mom and she came outside to see if everything was okay and if he was home."

Groves said her neighbor was staying just down the street for the night.

"I was just nervous that he was inside. It's scary when you wake up and see your neighbors house completely engulfed in flames and not know if he's inside," she said.

Groves said the man's two small dogs escaped from the burning home.

"We were worried too because he came home and wanted to know if the puppies were alright and we have them inside right now," said Ford.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and Battalion Chief Newberry did not assign a dollar estimate to the loss.