It was just a typical day for Jessica Paschke and her two nieces.

She says she noticed the house seemed warmer, but thought the growing temperature outside was to blame.

"I had fixed the girls some lunch to eat and I had just gotten them settled down. I went to fix me something to eat," said Paschke.

That's when she was surprised by an unexpected visitor.

"[He] busted in our front door and screaming your house is on fire. I was, like, in complete shock, like who are you," says Paschke. "I just looked at him, and he was like your house is on fire."

She immediately got the children out of the house and discovered the fire had been above their heads the whole time.

"Once we got outside you could see the smoke billowing out of the eaves of the house. It was just everywhere," said Paschke.

However, their Good Samaritan, named Darrell wasn't yet finished.

"When I was running out of the house I grabbed the fire extinguisher and the guy came and grabbed it and jumped up onto the roof, busted out the eve of the house and just started spraying in there," said Paschke. "Five more minutes in that house and we would have been trapped in that living room."

"There was no smoke in the house. No signs the house was on fire, our smoke detectors didn't go off. There wasn't anything for them to detect on the inside," said Paschke.

While there is a lot of damage, Paschke says she's just thankful.

"We were very lucky that he drove by and saw that smoke," she said.

Unfortunately we were unable to locate the Good Samaritan for a comment.

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