A local developer is planning to build a brand new apartment complex in Red Bank, he says will be a cross between City Green and Hayden Place Apartments.

But not all homeowners that live in the neighborhood are happy about the plans, citing concerns over safety and property values.

"From what I understand he is trying to build something like City Green," said Amy Suggs, Homeowner.

Homeowners that live along Ashmore Avenue in Red Bank received a letter in the mail, informing them about a local developers' plans to build close to 300 apartment units, 200 feet away from their backyards.

"It's unsettling that this will go right next door where I live where I worked so hard to buy a property," said Suggs.

Amy Suggs purchased her home in 2012.  She says, the quiet, peaceful neighborhood was one of the main reasons why she decided to move there and know that's about to change.

"Its very concerning to have this go on. I am a new homeowner, I've only lived here a year," said Suggs.

After reviewing the letter, talking to other concerned neighbors and hearing Bell's development's plans, Amy drafted a petition that she plans to submit to the Red Bank Planning Commission this Thursday night hoping they will block the 40 unit complex, the large entrance driveway that will connect to an additional 250 units that will be placed towards the back of her property.

"What do you think will happen to this area when these apartments go up? I think it will be a non desirable area to live in," said Suggs.

Jay Bell the developer disagrees and said this should boost the homeowners property. 

Channel 3 talked to him Sunday, he feels these new apartments will be an asset to the community and described the design to be a cross between City Green and Hayden Place, that should attract young professional tenants to the area.

Amy and several other neighbors, think the exact opposite will happen.

"It may not happen right off but I feel as time goes on it will be an area of concern and people will avoid it here," said Suggs.

The petition will be submitted this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Red Bank City Hall.