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Water Boil Advisory in Polk, Fannin Counties

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A boil water advisory is in effect for parts of Polk County, Tennessee and Fannin County, Georgia after a one million gallon a day water leak is discovered at the McCaysville, Georgia water treatment plant that serves both communities.

"We either have an awful lot of small leaks because of the frigid weather or we have 1 or 2 very large leaks that we've not been able to find them," says McCaysville City Councilman Richard Wagner , who says volunteers have joined in the search of the 200 miles of waterline that spans from his city and to neighboring Copperhill.

Because of the loss and accompanying lack of water pressure, both towns have instituted a boil water advisory, and are asking customers to conserve.

Brandi Roberts is a waitress at the El Rio mexican restaurant in downtown Copperhill. She says the staff and customers are learning to accommodate. "If you want a drink you we have to sell canned drinks because of our soda machine and carbonated water, we can't use it,"
says Roberts, who adds employees washing their hands now have an extra safety step to take, "we have to hand sanitize our hands afterward because we don't know if the water is still polluted."

Across the river, the ruptured water line prompted Fannin County schools to close.

Meanwhile, Copperhill Vice-Mayor David Herring is thankful neighboring water providers such as copper basin are helping out in his city's time of need. "We're having people help us haul water from Hiwassee Dam and Wolf Creek and the Copper Basin Volunteer Fire Department," said Herring.


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