Thanks to our generous community, we now have a solid bookend to a story Channel 3 brought you in December.

Students at East Brainerd Intermediate School spent the first semester collecting books for less-fortunate kids at "Cherokee Nation Schools" in Oklahoma. But there was a problem, they couldn't afford the $1,500 shipping costs.

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But then a local trucking company, Access America Transport, offered to deliver the books to Oklahoma for free. The company picked the books up from the school Wednesday.

"Very excited, happy and grateful that people watch the news and they respond. We actually saw the results of the response in the community. We are a very community-oriented school and we're just happy that they give back to us," said Teacher Jasmine Farrow.

The school collected almost 1,000 books in 49 boxes.

"I think they learned that even though they're small, they can do some really big things. Because we started off small and ended up with 49 boxes of books, some boxes weighed more than 120 pounds, so it was a lot of books that we collected," Farrow said.