The Tennessee Department of Transportation has launched the Tennessee Yellow Dot Program, designed to help first responders to auto accidents gather medical information on individuals in minutes.

The Yellow DOT website describes what is called by emergency medics as the "Golden Hour" when emergency efforts can make a huge difference in saving lives.

In that first hour after a serious injury, immediate medical care can dramatically increase a patient's chances for survival.

"This program will help police and other first responders by giving them quick access to potentially life-saving medical information within minutes of a car crash," said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer. "It can also help in efforts to identify victims and personalize their treatment."

With a Yellow DOT sticker on a vehicle, first responders will know to check the glove compartment for the Yellow DOT information packet.

The program is geared towards senior drivers, but anyone with medical issues can benefit from the free program.

For more information about the program, please visit the TDOT Yellow DOT website.

Yellow DOT sign-up locations can be found online.