Frigid temperatures have forced the Community Kitchen to open as an emergency overnight shelter for the area's homeless.  And Tuesday night the City Council took a first step towards emergency funding.

The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition didn't meet the deadline to request funds from the city in the months leading up to the approval of the budget.

Council members had many questions for the executive director, Tuesday afternoon, trying to determine why, and whether or not a plan is in place for the future.

They approved on first reading using 50-thousand dollars from the General Fund Contingency, along with assurances that the group would follow procedures in the future

Stephen Wright, Executive Director Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition, "I understand they were upset and I think there was some favorable comments made. They understand the critical nature of what we do and they mentioned that. You know, we have a responsibility as a coalition to make sure that we advocate, and I think the meeting, overall today, went well."

Chairman Yusuf Hakeem, Chattanooga City Council, "I think communication is the key and what it boils down to is now we're all on the same page and we're gonna move forward from there."

Nearly 100 people stayed in the shelter Monday night.  The money will be released to the coalition after passing a second reading next week.