It's weather like this that makes most people want warm soup, or some hot chocolate, but what if it's your job to sell something as cold as ice cream?

Several local ice cream shops did open their doors Tuesday. It's not a hot-selling item, but we learned there are some locals who crave it even when it's 12 degrees outside.

"It's always interesting when people come in this time of year because we usually ask, are you here for something want to drink or you want some ice cream," The Ice Cream Show Owner Lynda Curtis said.

The Ice Cream Show Owner Lynda Curtis says despite the dramatic drop in temperatures this week, she's sold more ice cream than hot chocolate and coffee combined, though total sales are still lower than this time last year.

"We hadn't had ice cream in a while and so we thought this would be a good day to do it," Adele Dahlberg said.

This Pikeville couple goes on a date in Chattanooga every week, Tuesday to Bruster's Real Ice Cream in East Brainerd.

"Usually when we come here we're having to eat it so fast because it melts, but not today," Adele said.

Though they're enjoying their cones inside the car, they're waiting to blast the heat.

"We're going to appreciate the heat after we're done with this," Dick Dahlberg said.

"People who love their ice cream, love their ice cream and they're going to come and get it no matter how cold it is," Debbie Melnyczuk, co-owner of Bruster's Real Ice Cream on Jenkins Road said.

But even with the dedicated customers, she says cold temperatures melt their profits from the shop that has a walk-up window.

"We had 33 transactions yesterday. That was it," she said.

On a typical July day, it's 2,000+ transactions.

"No line!" Marble Slab Creamery customer Reilly Wright said.

These Dalton teens are in the minority, too. Funny enough, they're out of school today due to the weather.

"It's when I crave it the most," Hadley Young said.

Local ice cream shop owners hope the warm up this weekend brings them more customers.