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Grundy Co. residents brave the weather to have a little fun

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The roads have cleared up around the region, even in higher elevations.

But Monday morning was a different story the roads were covered in ice.

The icy roads kept many families in Monday, but two families we spoke with decided to brave the elements anyway just to have a little fun. 

"We've been out all night. Yes we've been out forever," said Niqui Nunley.

The icy roads didn't keep Niqui and Madison and their family from staying out all hours of the night, doing one of their favorite activities.

"It's like an adrenaline rush when you're going down that hill," said Madison Rogers.

"It was really cold and we wrecked. Yeah we wrecked a lot," said Rogers.

As morning drew closer others, like Lisa Macindoo ventured out.

"The main roads were pretty good but I know there were some patches of ice so we're just taking it slow," said Lisa Macindoo.

She says the ice wasn't going to keep her from spending quality time with her son.

"Because usually we're up and out the door and don't have time to have a leisurely breakfast," said Macindoo.

And she is thankful for those who made it.

"These ladies had to come in early and I'm sure the roads were bad from wherever they came from. But they came in like troopers and made our delicious waffles," said Macindoo.

She says the waffles were worth the slippery drive.

"Nothing can scare me away from a waffle," said Macindoo.  

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