Even for those who may be used to colder temperatures, this frigid, arctic blast is a danger to everyone. Many say this wicked winter weather is already over-staying its welcome.

People who live in the higher elevations like Signal Mountain say they are used to colder temperatures. But they say this type of bitter, face-numbing, bone-chilling cold is an unwelcome guest in the Tennessee Valley.

In the early morning hours, snowflakes danced across Signal Mountain, the winter storm bringing with it unbearable temperatures and ice, making it slippery for some drivers. The frigid air stopped other drivers from moving at all. Even so, some tried their best not to let the deep chill get in the way of their morning routines.

"It's bitter cold. You need gloves, a hat and everything," says Kim Huston.

But this is a cold you do not want to mess with.

"You can feel it the minute you step out," says Huston. "It's just, you head for cover immediately."

For Huston, it brings back memories of growing up in Iowa.

"We used to go sledding all the time and you'd come in and it'd take a long time for you toes to thaw out."

All the more reason, she says, to stay in if you can.

"Just stay inside. Stay by the fire."

"I was slipping all over the road trying to get up here this morning, about six o'clock," says Kevin Morgan.

Morgan says this is not what he describes as "fun" winter weather.

"I think it should be snowing harder. I hate it when it's cold for no reason. You should at least be able to make a snowman or something."

"We were really busy yesterday. Not so much today," says Steven Berryman.

Berryman says the news of the storm coming was initially good for business, but it has slowed down to where he has enough time to do a quick interview.

When asked why he doesn't have a coat on, he says, "It's inside. It's inside where it's warm, where I should be!"

All it takes is just a matter of minutes before the wind chill will can cause frostbite. If you are going to go outside, only if it is for a short time period, make sure you are wearing plenty of layers.