Monday's arctic blast caused temperatures to also plummet in Northwest Georgia. Most schools were closed, but those who still went out in it say it was the wind making conditions miserable.

"Stay in the house. Don't come outside," landscaper Daniel Pheagin said.

Words of wisdom that were echoed by every person we talked to outside in Dalton Monday. This landscaper wished he could take his own advice, but it was off to work before the sun even came up.

"I've probably got on six or seven shirts, two jackets and two or three pairs of pants," Pheagin said.

"That wind is chilly. It'll cut right through you," railroad worker Allen Hudson said.

It would be the same grueling day for this railroad worker.

"Got to make them payments. That's the way it is," Hudson said.

State, county and city crews worked through the night to pre-treat roads to keep commuters like them as safe as possible from patches of black ice.

"There's two ways to get home. One is over the ridge, which is black ice like crazy, or else I've got to go 20 miles outside to just get home," Dalton resident Michael Stratton said.

GDOT is equipped with 3,885 tons of salt, 4,629 tons of gravel, 15,000 gallons of brine, and 120 trucks on call in Northwest Georgia.

But for those staying indoors, fire officials have another set of concerns. They want people to be careful with where you place space heaters and another common danger...

"A lot of times people will try to find an alternative means to heating and bring in gas grills or unvented type heating elements inside their house. Well, those weren't designed to be inside and they release carbon monoxide," Dalton Deputy Fire Chief Gary Baggett said.

And, if they are called to a fire, they worry about adding road ice with their water hoses.

"Once we start extinguishing that fire and then breaking down our hoses we have to drain the water out of those hoses and that water has to go somewhere," Baggett said.

Emergency workers and road crews say they'll stay on alert to keep roads as safe as possible as we head into another freezing cold day Tuesday.