CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Thirty-three teams headed out at first light Saturday morning from Sullivan's boat ramp to take part in the third tournament of the season in the Heartland Anglers Nickajack Division.

The team of Haden Lamb and Nick Pratt walked away with first place and $530. The pair brought in a five-fish limit weighing 18.46 pounds to take the win. This makes their second straight win in this series. They also had second big fish of the tournament with a largemouth bass weighing 5.38 pounds.

Taking second place was the team of Mark Riggs and Rob Moore with five fish that weighed 15.78 pounds. The duo also had big fish of the tournament with a giant largemouth bass weighing 7.46 pounds.

"Heartland Anglers is an amateur based team tournament trail designed for the everyday average angler. Heartland Anglers is a team tournament for the type of angler who gets up everyday, heads to work and puts in a 40 hour work week", says Doug Pressley - Heartland Anglers President.

Top 6 places:
1st - Haden Lamb and Nick Pratt – 18.46 lbs.
2nd – Mark Riggs and Rob Moore – 15.78 lbs.
3rd – Eric Cabera and Ron Willerson – 14.86 lbs.
4th - George Cimminale and Corey Curtis – 12.34 lbs.
5th – Chris Coffey and Steve Norris – 12.28 lbs.
6th – John Talton and Ryan Helton – 11.10 lbs.

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