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Cold weather and your car

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You may have noticed that your car takes just a bit longer to crank up lately. Local mechanic, Chuck Miller, says you can blame the cold weather. He says dropping temps can have a lasting affect on how well your vehicle runs.

"Well, the most important thing that you can do when this weather is getting cold like this is to make sure that your coolant is good," Miller says.

New coolant formulas can come in a variety of colors and should be kept at negative 37. Next on the list, your belt. Checking for cracks is a must. "If the belt breaks it drives pretty much everything on your engine," says Miller.

Miller says your hoses should be soft and pliable. If it cracks or pops when you squeeze it, its time for a new one. Don't forget tire safety on these slick roads, new standards may mean checking your tread more often.

"The reason they did that is the stopping distance between two/30 seconds and four/30 seconds on a wet road is a hundred feet difference. That's the difference between life and death," says Miller.

Your car battery is also affected the cold. Miller suggests you check your battery's crank, amps and voltage in the morning and allow your vehicle to run a couple minutes before heading out.


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