With the cold weather moving through, it is time to make sure you're ready.

The American Red Cross is asking everyone to take a few minutes and think about what things you might need during extremely low temperatures, saying the cold weather will take a toll on your car, home and even your body.

LINK | Red Cross winter weather safety tips

They say it's better to not be scared, but rather be prepared.

"If you get stuck and you can't go anywhere, do you have everything you need?" said Greg Waite, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross

Waite says everyone should be preparing for the winter weather to avoid emergency situations later on; starting with your home.

"Thinking about exposed pipes, thinking about faucets outside," said Waite. "Even checking electric heaters to make sure they're working so that later on they're not faulty if you need it."

Waite says if you plan to be out and about over the next few days, you'll want to prepare your car too.

"Is my car going to start? Making sure you have a full tank of gas," said Waite.

And add anti-freeze where needed. He also says what's inside the car can be important too.

"The best thing to remember is where you are going, who's going with you and how can you prepare for that," said Waite. "Thinking about what makes you comfortable, throwing in an extra sweat shirt or extra blanket, kids toys, snacks; things you could walk through your house in 5 minutes and pick up," said Waite.

But the one thing you will definitely want to prepare and protect is your body.

Waite says dressing in warm layers and covering exposed skin from the low temperatures will be crucial, especially for children and the elderly.

"Exposed skin, it's going to be hitting that cold air, you could have frost bite very quickly," said Waite. "Get people thinking now. The tips and everything we're talking about now, takes a matter of minutes. If we can get people thinking about what they can do to prepare, we are all going to be better off against whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us. "