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Cold start to the weekend, even colder temps to come

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Saturday morning in downtown Chattanooga and the cold temperatures have done little to keep people from enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Long time friends and Chattanooga Track Club members Voreata Waddell and Rosemary Hurayt won't let nearly freezing temps slow them down.

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"The cold does not stop us until it gets 18 and below," Waddell says. 

However, this coming week is going to be record breaking cold. Tuesdays forecast is predicted to be around 5 degrees. The last time Chattanooga saw single digit temps was on January, 16 2009. That day it reached a frigid 9 degrees.

The last time the Scenic City saw temperatures drop to 5 degrees or below was in February, 1996.

"Just makes it a little harder to get out, once I get going its not too bad," says resident, Bill Hood. 

Hood moved from Illinois about a year ago and says the below freezing temps must have followed him here.

"Well, I'm used to it but I don't like it. I moved here to get away from this," Hood jokes.

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