OnStar GPS helped outsmart three suspects accused of stealing brand new cars from a local dealership.

Police arrested Christopher Coffelt, 34, of Chattanooga; David A. Jones, 25, of S. Pittsburg and Brittany Trail, 27, of Tracy City in relation to vehicles stolen from Gentry Chevrolet in Kimball.

The suspects left credit cards and receipts with their names on them inside some of the six vehicles stolen from the dealership over the New Year holiday.

"We noticed immediately three cars that were in the front were gone," said general manager, Tom Thomas.

Employees noticed three brand new 2014 Chevrolet Camaros, two brand new trucks and a used Toyota all missing from the lot near South Pittsburg.

Thomas said surveillance video caught the suspects leaving with vehicles around 5 a.m.

"They just started the process, coming back and getting them one at a time as they wanted them," he said.

Police tell Eyewitness News the suspects stole the keys first, then circled the lot to figure out which vehicle matched the key.

"Whatever lights lit up, that's the car they got in and drove off," said Kimball Police Sgt. Chris Webb.

Webb said OnStar played a big role in quickly locating and disabling the vehicles.

According to police, two vehicles were located in Chattanooga, another two were found in Grundy County, one was located in Jasper and one was in Dade County, GA.

One car was left on the side of the road, another vehicle was found in a local hospital parking lot and another truck was abandoned after a hit and run crash in Tracy City. Police said one suspect was vacuuming a stolen vehicle at a gas station when police arrested him.

Police believe the theft may be related to another auto theft incident at Pioneer Auto Sales in Cleveland.