This week's case involves an armed robbery at the Subway restaurant on Rossville Boulevard. "Despite the photographic evidence we've got so far," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Craig Joel, "we feel confident someone out there knows who this person is."

The photos of which he speaks show a man fully covered in a hoodie and hockey mask. It all went down around 8:30 on the evening of December 18th. "They ran right to the clerk," said Sgt. Joel, "pointed a blue-ish pistol at them and demanded the money box from just below the counter. Clerk complied, very wisely handed the money, and he ran back out."

Therein may lie a clue. "He knew to specifically ask for the money box under the counter," said Joel. "You don't have to be a mathematician, necessarily, to figure out that he was familiar with either that Subway or Subways in general."

Study the stills taken from the surveillance video. Have a good look at the clothing and the mask. Have you seen them before? The manager, though frightened, was able to provide a bit of a description. "He's more than likely a white male," Sgt. Joel described. "Probably somewhere in their mid 20's. About 5'5" to 5'7"."

Help stop this thug before someone gets hurt and start the new year with some honest cash in your pocket. "The take was very small," Joel continued. "We hope to give that much and more back to anyone that could lead us to his arrest."

Up to a thousand dollars is available for the right piece of information. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.