UPDATE: A 17 year old LaFayette High School student, who was reported missing about 2 weeks ago is safe.

Details are limited right now, but we do know Kayla Mae Montgomery called her mother. 

She vanished, along with her boyfriend the day after Christmas.  Her mother Ginger Montgomery told police her daughter had never left before, without telling her.  She said Kayla left without any personal items.

But again, she is safe and has made contact with her family.


"I  just want her to know if she's out there that she can come home and that we love her and if she can just would call anyone that I trust".

Ginger Montgomery wants her 17-year-old daughter Kayla Mae back home.

Kayla hasn't been seen since the morning of December 26th.

She's believed to be with a 17-year-old boyfriend.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says the teen couple may be bound for Brooklyn, New York in Kayla's car.

But Ginger says the boyfriend was seen as recently as yesterday in nearby Floyd County.

A Facebook page titled "Kayla Mae Please Come Home' has had numerous hits, but none have yet to reveal where Kayla is and why, as Ginger's suspicions grow. "More and more everyday, it gets a little bit stronger and a little bit stronger", Montgomery tells Channel 3.

According to Ginger, her daughter has never done anything like this before, and left without any personal items. Clothes, handbags, Christmas gifts and more remain in her bedroom and intact.

Ginger says she appreciates the efforts of Walker County Sheriff's Detectives who are investigating Kayla's disappearance, but holding out hope for a happy reunion is difficult.

"Everyday it seems to get a little bit harder and a little bit harder, my mom says you just gotta get up and put one foot in front of the other and keep going forward and get up and do it again tomorrow", says the emotional mother.

Ginger says the boyfriend's father has suggested Kayla is ok and should be home soon, but says she has reason to believe he's not telling her the entire story.

If you have any information on Kayla Mae Montgomery's location, you're asked to call the Walker County Sheriff's Department or your local law enforcement agency.