As you might imagine, the percentage of those who don't stick to their New Year's Resolution is a lot higher than those that do. However, we found one local man who did keep his promise in 2013, and it's left a lasting impression on hundreds of people along the way.

"For my new year's resolution I wanted to do something different, something for others and not myself. So I wrote down 365 names and placed them in a jar," said Justin Smith.

Smith calls it his game changing jar. For each day in 2013 he pulled out a random name from his past and reached out to that person by phone or email.

Smith wanted to as Gandhi put it "be the change that you wish to see in the world."

"So what change could I do? change it by encouragement, change by good will. Change by saying thank you, thank you for something you may have done 10 years ago. Thank you because it stuck with me my whole life," said Smith.

It's been an emotional and very inspiring journey for Smith and those he's touched. The timing of some of his calls were remarkable. He drew his grandfather shortly before he died, his cousin Steve on the day Steve told Justin he was diagnosed with cancer and his sister on the day she was giving birth.

"I think the all around response that I get if you could tie it into one thing would be gratefulness."

A feeling you just simply can't underestimate. As Smith points out you never know what someone else is going through.

A simple thanks can go a long way, and if Smith has it his way gratitude will create a never ending chain of gratefulness.

Smith said, "that would be my goal and my dream for this is that we shift our culture for the positive and shift our culture so we say you know what, we're gonna be grateful for people and not complain about what we don't have."

So as we enter 2014, Smith challenges us to make a change for the positive, "do it. Change your thoughts and change the world it's really the easiest way I can put it."