In Brasstown, North Carolina, residents celebrated the 20th annual Possum Drop.

The annual event starts with the capture of a possum. The possum is lowered in a plastic cage and set free at midnight.

Animal rights group PETA has filed multiple lawsuits to try and stop the use of a live possum, saying it the event stresses out the animal.

But residents say it's just good, clean family fun.

"Rednecks have a lot of fun, and it don't take a lot of money or things to do. We just do plain old silly, stupid stuff, just Southern things that we do," says event founder Clay Logan. "You know, we're not rednecks anymore, we're Appalachian Americans so we can do other things now than just being silly."

The event featured music, fireworks and a womanless beauty pageant.

Thousands of people attended the Possum Drop this year.