It's lunch time at the TNT fireworks supercenter on New Year's Eve, one of their biggest sales days of the year..

Not exactly their "Superbowl" of the Fourth of July, but close. "We're about a wild card, in the playoffs in the NFL so I'd say it's a wild card game, it's not your bigger games, they're still the days before the Fourth, but it's a big day", says TNT manager Cooper Bolton
    The usual staff of 3 store employees is bumped up to 15 Tuesday, just to handle the expected crush of shoppers.
    The standard sparklers, firecrackers, and smoke bombs are always popular sellers, but this year, Bolton says TNT has something extra in their pyrotechnic arsenal, "the best thing you may actually hear it going off in the background right here is Corruption, in fact, one fourth of our sales come from that one product".
    As the fireworks sales soar, law enforcement braces for what too many New Year's Eve revelers do, drink before getting behind the wheel.
    AAA Motor Club of East Tennessee says they're uncertain if the current "no refusal" enforcement campaign by state and local authorities will prompt more would be drivers to take them up on their tow & go program, free to anyone who calls wanting a free and safe ride for them and their wheels.
   "It alleviates one of the problems that people don't want to leave their vehicles where they were at a party or a restaurant so we will actually take your vehicle home", says AAA's Stephanie Milani.