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'Hug my mommy more': 5-year-olds share New Year’s resolutions

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By A. Pawlowski, TODAY

(NBC) - While adults party on New Year's Eve, children might be a bit mystified by all that celebration. After all, Christmas has come and gone, so no more visits from Santa and no more presents to unwrap. What's there to rejoice about?

Still, kids have their own ideas about the big night. TODAY'S Jenna Bush Hager gathered a group of 5-year-olds to see what they thought about traditional New Year's Eve activities.

How late do people actually stay up? "Maybe 8:30, if you're seven," Eli said wistfully. He and his friends seemed to be impressed that some revelers get to stay awake until midnight.

Then, there's the resolution part. The children actually didn't know that vocabulary word, so Hager helpfully explained that it was similar to setting a goal.

Steven declared his big goal for 2014 was to "watch a video," while Jason said he wanted to play the piano. Vanessa charmed everyone by declaring her goal was to "hug my mommy more."

The kids seemed perplexed by another New Year's Eve tradition: Kissing someone at the stroke of midnight. Many resolved they wouldn't kiss anyone ever, though Trisha volunteered she would "kiss my mommy and daddy and my sister."

Sounds like a good plan. Happy New Year!

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