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I-24 Danger zone study points to three areas in Chattanooga

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Because Interstate 24 has proven dangerous, often deadly for drivers, The Department of Transportation has been working hard to complete what they're calling the Multimodal Corridor Study.   

This study will identify short and long term solutions for improving problem spots along I-24.

I-24 spans over 185 miles in Tennessee, so TDOT is looking to fix the areas where crash rates are 2 and 3 times the state average.

They compiled a list of the 10 spots that needed special attention, half of those are right here in our area; on the streets some of us drive on every day.

"We can't re-do the whole thing, we just don't have that kind of money to re-do hundreds of miles of interstates. We have to target where we spend our funds," said Jennifer Flynn, TDOT.

Flynn says their road study will do just that.

"It helps us determine where we need to look harder and make these places better," said Flynn.

Now, they've identified the worst problem spots.

"There are 10 places along the corridor and of the 10, 3 are in Chattanooga," said Flynn.

The 3 problem areas for Chattanooga don't have a lot of space in-between. They span from mile marker 180 to 184, totaling a 3 mile stretch.

"It's curvy and then it's got a combination on and off ramp, which was a popular thing back in the 60's and it doesn't really work for today's traffic," said Flynn.

Flynn says that's because of higher volumes of cars driving at higher speeds.

"A lot of these crashes that happened were at a result of distracted driving, speed and driving too fast for conditions," said Flynn.
While there is no deadline on the project, Flynn says they will do what they can to improve safety until one is completed.

"Maybe some high visibility pavement marks or signage, things like that," said Flynn.

Marion and Grundy counties are also on the list.

Flynn says TDOT plans to release the next phase and potential projects in January.

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