Drunk driving is never more personal than to someone who's lost a loved one. Today, one high-profile drunk driving death is uniting unlikely families.

It's a bond sewn by tragedy in a story you'll only see on Channel 3.

It's a story about forgiveness between a grieving mother and a recovering criminal.

"It's a daily choice," said Tiki Finlayson. "I wake up and continue in my choice to forgive. Tish and I have a great relationship that we started."

On July 31, 2011, Tiki Finlayson's son Kevin Yates was hit in a head-on crash by drunk driver Latisha Stevens. Yates, 25, died the next day.

"He was always about making people laugh, making them think about their problems in a lighter view and seeing the world in a different way," said Finlayson.

Stevens was sentenced to 19 months in a Nashville women's prison.

"When I was incarcerated, we wrote letters back and forth several times," said Latisha Stevens.

Finlayson started an organization in her son's memory called "1N3." The idea is that one in every three of us is one day, in one way impacted by drunk driving.

"Kevin 1 in 3, Latisha, the girl who was the drunk driver 1 in 3, friends on both sides, family on both sides, coworkers on both sides," Finlayson said.

"I've definitely affected the lives of my children and just so, so many people," Stevens said.

And now, through the power of forgiveness, these two women are hoping to make a change, even if it's just one life.

"I'm very grateful to Tiki and her family for the forgiveness that they have shown me. I think it's going to do a lot of people good," Stevens said.

In November, Stevens finished her 19 months in prison. That's where the two began writing letters and formed this unpredictable bond these two mothers know as "IN3."

"I want to thank Tish for joining up with me because I know we're going to change the world together. We're gonna take lemons and make lemonade," Finlayson said.

Click here to learn more about 1N3 or to get involved. The group asks that anyone impacted by drunk driving reach out to them to become a part of their organization, which includes speaking engagements across the country.