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Flu cases rise throughout the region

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Flu season typically starts in the Fall and peaks in January or February. This year, it looks like more people are getting sick earlier and it's spreading quickly. 

The flu tracker on www.sickweather.com shows how the flu has spread beginning the day before Christmas through Saturday.

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With each day new orange blocks, which indicate a grouping of symptom activity. Local physicians are also concerned about the H1N1 strain. Identified in 2009 it triggered a global pandemic and tends to hit younger and healthier people.

The best prevention for the flu is a vaccine but that can take up to two weeks to keep you immune. so in the meantime common sense and the regular reminders will have to work, just don't take it lightly.

"Of course, the most important step is to wash our hands, frequently, not touching our face, our eyes, nose, mouth. That's how germs can get into our bodies," says Nurse Manager at the Hamilton County Health Department, Margaret Zylstra.

The elderly and extremely young can be particularly susceptible to the flu. If you're around children doctors advice you should get vaccinated to protect them.

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