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Are fake RX drugs in your medicine cabinet?

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(WKYC) Are you one of the millions who look to buy cheaper medications from online pharmacies?

Chances are good that unless that online pharmacy is verified, you are not only getting ripped off, but you may also be putting your health at risk.  

Fueled by easy Internet access, world supply routes and little prosecution, sales of counterfeit prescription drugs have exploded.

It is estimated $75 billion worth of counterfeit drugs were unknowingly purchased last year.

Brian Donnelly is director of investigations for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Not only is he a pharmacist, but he spent 22 years working for the FBI. Donnelly gave us some scary facts about the online medication scheme. For example, the pills we received, likely were not made in one place.

"The active ingredient in the chemical could be in one part of China. The person who makes the tablets could be in another part of China, and then the person who packages it could be a third person," Donnelly explains.

The counterfeiter is concerned with only one thing.

"It's not whether the medication works or not. It's whether or not it looks like the product. They may use floor wax on it to give it a shine. They may use automobile paint to give it color. They've used ink cartridges for color. We've seen boric acid used as a dilutent to give the tablet its size and shape. One of the favorite things for making the tablets is sheet-rock," Donnelly says.

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