One homeless camp is being asked to pack up and move by the first of the year, leaving several without a place to go.

But a local non-profit group is stepping in to help make the transition easier

"We have a home, we just don't have a house or a trailer or anything like that," said Paula Duncan.

Duncan says she and her friends have lived in homeless camps for the last few years.

"We just want to live a quiet, serene life," said Duncan.

But now, she's being asked to move again. She says it's big job to get everything moved to set up camp somewhere else.

"It's very stressful," said Duncan. "Your clothes, your cookware, your bathroom utensils, shower utensils."

Jimmy Turner with Relevant Hope says they work to help give resources to all homeless people.

"We give them food, clothing, formal clothing for interviews. We'll help them fill out a resume for applications. We'll take them to job interview or doctors appointments if they have those lined up," said Turner.

Duncan and her friends aren't an exception.

Turner says his team of volunteers is helping move them to another location, where they will be safe.

They are hopeful something more permanent will come along.
"This gentleman right over here is getting moved inside at the first of the year and he's one who is using his eviction from this camp to improve his circumstances," said Turner.

Duncan says she hopes the same reality will happen for her too.

"We're praying to get our lives together and we're praying for it to be quick like 6 months to have jobs, be inside to have some common normalcy," said Duncan.

"I don't know if we could have pulled all of this off without Jimmy, because there is still more to do," said Duncan.

Duncan says she and the rest of the camp have to be moved by January 6th.

Turner says he and other volunteers will be moving Duncan and the others this week.

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