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Burglarized family plans to donate gifts to help others

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Eyewitness News shared the story of the Chattanooga family that received an outpouring of support from the community after their home was burglarized days before Christmas. Now that the holiday is over, the family says they plan on paying it forward.

"We're going to start by donating some of these things," Karrina Kitchens said, referring to the giant pile of toys and gifts in her living room. "I'm a believer in paying it forward."

And so are her five children.

"We have too much, and we don't need that much," said Kitchens' six-year-old daughter.

The family received boxes upon boxes of presents from complete strangers who heard their house had been cleaned out by thieves. Now the family plans to donate some gifts to local children who didn't receive presents on Christmas.

"It may be late, but it's never too late," said Kitchens.

Kitchens said she didn't expect to get any help after the burglary, but all the thoughts, gifts and well wishes helped restore her faith after a tragedy.

"It just reinforced what I used to believe, and it made me believe again," she said, "that good will always win over bad."

Her family wants to thank the community for helping out.

"It's not just a thank you. I genuinely love all these people for what they've done for these kids and myself."

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