For some it's a Christmas tradition to go and look at the lights, for others the tradition lies in putting the lights up themselves.

One Ooltewah man has dedicated dozens of Christmases to bring joy to everyone who drives past this Ooltewah home.

"There's always people coming by, they just walk around and look at the lights," said Clyde Millard. "I love it. I love kids coming over and being able to enjoy it, that's my Christmas."

However, Christmas wasn't always a joyous time as he recalls growing up as an orphan and never having a Christmas.
"I break up some times when I think about my child hood," said Millard. "I didn't have anything, nothing. I kept thinking, well Santa Claus is going to come see you, it didn't happen."

As he grew, he wanted to give gifts to children on Christmas who may not get them by spreading Christmas cheer with a little extra twinkle.
"Simply because I didn't have anything and if I see a child that doesn't have anything; I want to give them something," said Millard. "I'm not rich, but just the little things means a lot to a kid."

For decades he's hung lights, adding more and more every year.

But as he ages, the job of decorating isn't as easy.

"I'm 76 and I'm getting so old it's pretty dangerous for me to be caring this whole load down the stairs," said Millard.

He hopes it won't be the last year.

"I hope it isn't. I hope the lord gives me the strength to do it," said Millard. "I'll probably keep it up until the day I die, to tell you the truth, if I'm able."

They plan to keep the lights up for several more days after Christmas, to make sure everyone who wants, gets to see them.