It was Sunday evening, December 8th when our two suspects entered The Grocery Store on Wilson Road in Rossville, just about a mile deep into Georgia. They pulled handguns on the clerks, then demanded and took all of the money in the store. Surveillance video shows the entire frightening ordeal.
"They were wearing a mask and their hoodie was pulled up over their mask," said Walker County Sheriff's Office Capt. Steve Rogers. "Can't tell, they were pretty well covered, from the video if they were male or female, but one of them was wearing a pretty descriptive jacket. So, if we could get any info about that, that could help."
That distinctive jacket appears to be a black letterman-style jacket with chenille script in white and red on the back and an "N" on the front.
Billy Hudgins lives just around the corner from the store. "I'm glad everybody was safe; nobody was hurt. But, yeah, that's pretty dangerous stuff," he said. "Pretty scary being around here, you know? I've lived around here all my life and ain't never seen stuff like that around here. Don't happen."
Have a close look at the video and the still shots taken from it. Someone knows who these thugs are. They appear to be between 5'7" and 5'9" with slender builds. Your information could be worth up to $1,000, no questions asked.
Help bring peace back to this community and get some justice for the store owners. "I go in there often," added Hudgins, "sometimes three times a night, you know, when I forget something and have to go back. He's, they're real good people, and you know, it's like a family-owned, ran, business and they're good to everybody."
And for the good of everyone, help police round these two up before they strike again. "It's possible we'll see them again," said Capt. Rogers, "or somebody in the viewing area will see them again; rob another store."
If you know these two or anything about this crime, your information could get you off on the good foot in the new year. Neither of them, nor anyone else will ever know you made the call.
Pick up the phone and dial: 698-3333
An officer may answer or return your call, but he will never ask your identity. Up to a thousand dollars reward cash is waiting.