The holiday hustle's in full swing. Procrastinators are searching for that perfect, last minute gift, or least one that's good enough.

"It's in the top 10 of shopping days, as you can see there are a lot of people out here today. A lot of procrastinators," said Catharine Wells, Hamilton Place Mall.

One of those self-proclaimed procrastinators is Richard King.

"I just kept putting it off. I'm the worst procrastinator there is, so today is the last day," said King.

He says waiting until the very last minute has become his Christmas tradition.

"I just can't get enough. Just jumping right into the Christmas fire," said King.

Wells tells channel 3 the day before Christmas, you will see many men, just like king.

"From all of the shopping bags going around, you will see a lot of Coach Bags a lot of Pandora, a lot of gifts for wives and girlfriends," said Wells.

I'm a last minute shopper," said Garrett Dover. "I work, so this was my first opportunity. So I thought I would come by and get her a few gifts."

Dover says he crowds weren't as bad as he'd expected.

"It's been pretty quick. I just came in and got it. I've got a couple more things to get so hopefully it goes smooth," said Dover.

One shopper tells Channel 3 she's had her shopping done for several days. But now she's back for round two, as she looks for gifts to help a needy teen.

"Yeah we just found out she's having a little boy, so I'm shopping for him too," said the shopper.

She says helping others, makes getting out into the crowds worth it.

"It feels good to help someone else. Puts a smile on your face," said the shopper.