The Walker County Sheriff's Office was involved in a standoff this morning for several hours as they tried to detain a suspect.

They were called out to Walker Hollow Road around 2 a.m. for a possible gun shot inside of a home.

One resident said her neighborhood is typically a quiet one and this morning when she awoke to police barricades, she says she was taken by surprise.

"This is a very safe place and you just don't think about being afraid," said Rosemary. "We live in a very quiet neighborhood. It's very peaceful, a lot of wildlife here."

But this morning, residents on Walker Hollow Road heard a little more noise than just the wildlife.

"It's unusual in a way, but we live in acres and acres of woods, so I assume people are just target shooting on the weekends," said Rosemary.

However, police were called to one residence early Saturday morning after getting a call that a suspect discharged a weapon inside the home.

The Walker County Sheriff's Department identified the suspect as Bobby McConathy, who neighbors tell Channel 3 is the father of Dalton McConathy who was killed while allegedly picking up scrap metal in Ringgold, GA just last month.

"I had heard the dad was very saddened and very grief stricken by the death of his son," said Rosemary.

McConathy's Wife and 3 other suspects were able to escape the residence after the weapon was discharged.

The oldest daughter was detained inside the home for a short time before being allowed to leave.

Police say McConathy refused to be apprehended.

The Sheriff's Department then shot OC gas into the home to flush McConathy out.

He was then arrested as he attempted to escape by running out the back door.

Rosemary, who lives just down the street, said she was surprised.

"They were always quiet and just kept to themselves," said Rosemary.

McConathy is being charged with 5 counts reckless endangerment, 5 counts simple battery,1 count false imprisonment and possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

McConathy was transported and booked into the Walker County Detention Facility.