A Hixson family is hoping the person who decided to take during the season of giving does the right thing.

Their car was stolen this morning out of the parking lot of their building, with something irreplaceable inside.
Emma Hattaway has had her prized teddy bear since before she can remember and tonight, the little girl is asking for your help in finding "Bear Bear".

"Bear Bear was given to me by my aunt when B was born and he was attached to my hip for about 23 years," said Laura Hattaway. "I passed him down to her and we've had him ever since."

But this morning, the beloved toy was taken, when the Hattaway car was stolen from their home.

"The bad people took my bear and they wouldn't come back," said Emma.

Instead, they left behind a broken hearted 4 year old girl.

"We don't go to school without him; neither her nor I go to bed without him. He's been there," said Hattaway.

But now, Emma is being asked to be brave as she prepares to have dental surgery on Monday, without "Bear Bear".

"He needs to be there and he needs to get his teeth fixed too," said Hattaway.

Emma tells Channel 3 the "bad guys" made a mistake.

"They're going to get coal in their stocking," said Emma.

Hattawa says they just hope whoever stole their car does the right thing.

"They can have the car; just give me the bear back. They can drop it off, give it to someone, turn it in. Just give us the bear back. It's in a book bag and we need the bear," said Hattaway. "We are trying to get him back as quick as possible. We have hope, we know he will come back."

Hattaway tells me their car is a white 2008 Mazda c-x-7 with a sticker on the back that says "wakefest 12".

If you see a car that meets this description, then you are asked to call the police.