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New info in CPD missing evidence scandal

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- An investigation has been launched into the Chattanooga Police Department after a slew of guns and drugs were discovered missing.

At the request of District Attorney Bill Cox the TBI is on the case. On Thursday the TBI declined to comment.

Multiple sources within the department tell Channel 3 a substantial amount of drugs and at least a few guns have been slowly disappearing from the property room for nearly a year.

Throughout that time several employees noticed evidence bags were cut open, those employees repeatedly reported their suspicions to their supervisor Sergeant Kevin Kincer but nothing changed and the problem kept happening. Those same sources tell Channel 3 that some of those bags held evidence to pending cases which means there could be issues prosecuting.

Kevin Kincer was placed on administrative leave after the property room was locked down. The room has since been re-opened with new locks and security cameras.

Several sources inside the county legal system tell us it's possible and rather easy to destroy records in the property room, so they may never know the full extent of what's been tampered with and what is missing.

Channel 3 also put a call in to Chief of Police Bobby Dodd who is set to retire on December 31st, he hasn't responded.

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