(KCWY) - Getting that perfect gift for the woman in your life is important, and for some of them that might be a designer purse or handbag.

One special handbag is flying off the shelves this Christmas, and it packs a hidden punch.

"It is the fastest-moving gift in our store," says Kathy Edwards of Casper, Wyoming's Cadillac Cowgirl. "Just since Thanksgiving, I've had to reorder concealed carry handbags eight times."  

What makes the bag special is what goes inside.

It's custom designed to hold a pistol so it can be accessed easily, but still kept safely in the handbag.

"The reason I carry a handgun is because I'm so little that if I'm all alone, it's nice to have a handgun around just for protection, to protect myself," says Kaylee Garrett.

Gun shop owners say there's been an increase in the number of women carrying pistols.

"The color of guns has made a big difference this year, so yes, we've seen more women carrying guns," says Irvin Walker of Triggers Gun Shop.