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Former Police Chief talks about CPD missing evidence

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Multiple sources tell us that drugs and guns missing from the evidence room have launched a TBI investigation into the Chattanooga Police Department. As a result, Sergeant Kevin Kincer is now on administrative leave.

"Their goal is a search for the truth," said former CPD Chief Steve Parks.

Parks spent 28 years in law enforcement, some as head of internal affairs. The same department that's working furiously to find out the extent of missing drugs and guns from the property room.

"The process is in place, the people are in place to find out what the truth is," said Parks.

That process now involves the TBI. Ch.3 confirmed District Attorney Bill Cox called in the TBI to help with the investigation. Unnamed sources inside the department also confirmed Sergeant Kevin Kincer has been placed on administrative leave. Kincer is assigned to property crimes and is a member of SWAT.

So, with a department in the midst of a scandal and its leadership set to retire in less than two weeks Parks believes the transition will still be smooth, "every manager, one of their main roles was to prepare their replacements. The people that you're in command of, know your job and are prepared to step up and do the job."

Parks says he can't speak for the public but feels the department, and the public want the same things, "speaking from the department, absolutely it's a search for the truth right now. Every officer there wants to make sure everything about this allegation is properly investigated and let the facts speak for what they are."


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