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Gun wielding mentality

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The adrenaline rush from pulling a gun trigger is real but outside the shooting range, it means the difference between life or death.

Kristi Manning is a gun instructor, she's taught more than 5,800 gun holders over the past 12 years. She makes sure her students take away one valuable lesson in particular.

"Your weapon is a means of last resort. If you can get out of a situation without having to use it, get out," she says.

Recently our area has seen a handful of unarmed citizens die at the hand of a gun; an alzheimer's patient in Walker County, a juvenile thief in Catoosa County and a Chattanooga man involved in a road rage battle.

Channel 3 sat down with licensed therapist and psychologist, Laura Berrier.

"Learning impulse control is something I don't think we teach our kids as much as we should these days," Berrier says.

She believes it all comes down to being mentally prepared to assess what's happening in high stress situation.

"We see far more people now that are categorized intermittent explosive disorder which is a diagnosis that is sort of a catch all for people who lose their temper and react to every emotion and thought," Berrier says.

The next time you reach for your gun ask yourself this, "is it worth it, is it really worth it? Is it worth your energy," asks Berrier.

At the shooting range Manning says guns have saved the lives of people she knows, its better to be prepared for things you can't plan for but it's a decision you can never take back.

"Even though its somebody attacking you, you're in fear for your life you still have to live with that decision for the rest of your life and hope that you made the right one," Manning says.

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