The Ducktown Piggly Wiggly is not a place anyone in the town expected a robbery like the one that recently happened.
Detectives in Polk County are looking for the man who pointed a gun in the face of workers, taking all the money from the grocery store.

Violent crimes just don't happen very often in Ducktown. In fact, this is the only armed robbery this year and detectives say they can't remember when the last one was. That makes them all the more motivated to find the armed man before he hits another business. The victims from this case are still shaken.

"It makes you mad that somebody would stoop to that level," Ducktown Piggly Wiggly manager Jody Orton saidT

The Piggly Wiggly is the only grocery store in Ducktown and the manager of 18 years says they've never had an armed robbery. That's until Saturday, December 7, as they locked up for the night.

"He goes to the door and by the time he gets to the door there's a guy that's ran up on the sidewalk and has a gun to the back of this little kid's head," Orton said.

The assistant manager held the whole day's earnings in a money bag that was on it's way to be deposited at the bank, but the robber threatened to kill the 16-year-old bag boy for it.

"He says you give me your bag of money or I'll blow his head off. So, he gave him the bag of money," Orton said.

Once the robber had the money bag in hand, they say he ran off behind the store and out of sight.

"There was no vehicle seen in the areas by the victims or the officers when they responded," Polk County Sheriff's Office Detective Keith Barker said.

Detectives ask if you saw a man running in that area around 10 o'clock, report it. He's described as a thin white man, 5'10 - 6'0 tall, wearing khakis, a hoodie and gloves.

"Bandana around his face so you couldn't see but his eyes were kind of sunk in," Orton said.

It's shaken residents of the usually low-crime and tight-knit community.

"This is an unusual crime of course," Det. Barker said.

"It's scary when you hear one of your friends went through that," customer Devan Love said.

They hope the robber brags about his big pay day to someone, and gets turned in.

"It could happen to anybody. There's a bunch of other businesses around here like us, they're small. So you don't want it to happen anymore," Orton said.

They aren't saying how much money the robber got away with, just that it's substantial since it was a Saturday, during the holiday season and, again, the only grocery store in town.

The manager gave the victims time off to calm down from the incident. Now they have an officer escort the workers to the bank with the money bag every night.

Call the Polk County Sheriff's Office with any tips on the suspect.