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Apple commercial tugs at heart strings during Christmas

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It's a common sight; teens (and adults) seemingly ignoring everything around them as they text, check email or play games on their smartphones.

A newly-released, 90-second Apple commercial starts off that way, but takes a turn that may leave you with a lump in your throat.

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Like many memorable Christmas commercials, Apple's latest offering relies on the common threads around the holidays: family, celebration and the events surrounding the holiday.

The storyline is simple: a slightly nerdy-looking teen, with his nose buried in his iPhone, barely participates in the holiday events.

Sledding, decorating, eating and enjoying family time, the teen doesn't stray from his intent interest on his iPhone.

The commercial's title, "Misunderstood," gives you an idea of what the teen may be up to he seems to ignore almost everything.

But at the end, you'll see he was more in touch with his family, and Christmas, than you first thought.

Be sure to have some tissues nearby, because you may find yourself needing them.

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