If you've ever dreamt of swimming through your riches like Scrooge McDuck or going from desk to desk in your office, asking your co-workers how big a check you need to write for them not to show up tomorrow, tonight may be your night.

At last count, the multi-state mega millions jackpot was up to $636,000,000 with a cash option, where a single winner chooses to take a lump sum, of over $341,000,000.

Those numbers won't be run again until after the drawing Tuesday, so the totals could grow.

Your odds of winning, one in 259,000,000, it is said if you have to travel over half a mile to buy your ticket, you have a better chance of being seriously injured in a car wreck.

Other poo-pooers say with odds like that, you have just as good a chance of winning if you don't buy a $1 ticket.

But we know, you can't win if you don't play. Tennessee lottery officials remind us all it only takes one ticket to win, so play responsibly.

Go ahead and sign the back of your ticket if you're playing.

And the cut-off time for ticket sales for the jackpot is 10:45 p.m. which is 9:45 Central time.

The jackpot now trails only a $656,000,000 Mega Millions pot in March 2012.