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Drivers in Bradley Co. hit by flying objects: officers looking for suspects

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A stretch of road in Bradley County, just south of Charleston has seen its share of vandalism, according to deputies.

Starting from Walker Valley Road and going to Lauderdale Memorial Highway officers say a number of drivers have reported being hit by flying debris.

"At least ten to 15 have been reported to us thus far," Bob Gault with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office says.

Deputies soon found out the projectiles were being thrown at vehicles on purpose. "Objects being thrown from vehicles, coming in the opposite direction that the victims are," says Gault. "A few people have actually had to seek medical attention because of getting glass in their eyes and face and such."

The reports started coming in mid November. Around the same time auto shop owner Charles Howard noticed something was wrong at his shop.

"We started missing a lot of fuel," Howard says. "Anywhere between 40 to 50 gallons at least."

His business sits directly in the middle of the two mile stretch where flying rocks are hitting vehicles.

Officers can't say for sure if the incidents are related but they do have an idea of who could be throwing rocks at passing cars. Officers tell Channel 3 it involves multiple people and multiple vehicles but reports are still coming in and their investigation is far from over.

"We're very fortunate that at this point only minor injuries has resulted although there is the potential there for much more serious injury," says Gault.

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