The Chattanooga man accused of killing a dialysis worker will soon go to trial.

Tony Bigoms is charged with first degree murder and abuse of the corpse. Investigators say he killed and dismembered Dana Wilkes' body in November 2012. Court records showed Bigoms was on parole at the time of the murder.

It isn't he first time he's been accused of murder. Prosecutors said he was acquitted of a prior murder, where his DNA was found on the victim.

Bigoms quietly sat with his public defenders Monday during a pretrial motions hearing. The defense filed 14 motions on his behalf.

One includes how the prosecution plans to present his criminal history.

"We do want to know if they intend on using his prior criminal history and where they're going with that," public defender, Jane Buffaloe, told the judge.

Another motion requests that all photos used in the trial be printed in black and white. Typically, those photos are in color, but the defense argues the colored pictures would create "shock value" and offend the jurors.

Bigoms' attorneys is also requesting the state disclose all expert witnesses' qualifications, which could even include the training credentials of the search dogs police used while looking for Wilkes' body.

Another motions hearing is scheduled for January 23rd. Attorneys on both sides still believe the case will be ready for trial by its originally scheduled date in February.