Chris Clem resigned from his post as attorney for the Hamilton County Election Commission Monday morning.

During a scheduled meeting with Commissioners, Clem announced his resignation effective Dec. 31.

Clem served as the commission's attorney for six years.

He said he has friends involved in many upcoming campaigns and wants to help them in their races. He said for the past six years he hasn't gone to any Republican meetings or made any political contributions.

Clem told Channel 3 he has no plans to run for any public office, citing his wife and four young kids. "That's why I left office," he said.

Commission Secretary Jerry Summers is also a former attorney for the Commission. He told Channel 3 Clem's resignation is not voluntary and that he's been forced out by an individual.

Clem said that while he believed his resignation took some Commission members by surprise, he's been planning to resign for the past couple of months.

Commission Chairman Michael Walden said, "Chris Clem has served this Commission honorably and commendably and we will hate to see him go. We wish him the best and success with his future endeavors. Chris Clem is my friend."


Administrator of Elections Charlotte Mullis-Morgan was planning to retire in February but the Commission asked her to stay on another month as they interview candidates.

Mullis-Morgan has been with the Commission for 32 years and in her current role since 2010.

She's in charge of overseeing the Commission's daily operation and execution of all elections.

According to the job description, it is a political and an at-will appointment.

So far they've received 39 applications.