It's been a heated debate for months as the fate of the Bradley County Animal Control is being decided.

On Monday the ad hoc group for the county recommended the SPCA takeover animal control.

Rachel Veazey tells Channel 3 she was on the second ad hoc committee, geared to bring the county and city together on the issue. She claims she and others were unaware of the meeting on Monday and the decision that would take place.

"We kept waiting on the city and the county to get together with their ad hoc to meet. We were told after Christmas," said Veazey.

Veazey says she feels she was blind sighted, when the County ad hoc committee met and decided on their recommendation.    

"All of the sudden they had a meeting on Monday that I knew nothing about, Ark knew nothing about, I haven't found anyone who knew anything about it, other than SPCA who was the one they went with," said Veazey.

She says she believes it was in violation of the Sunshine Law.

"No one was there to say anything negative about it or bring up this is why we don't agree, this is why we're for this. There was none of that there, nobody could say anything," said Veazey.

Now she fears their decision.

"I believe by them choosing the SPCA we will not have government protection from animals in the county," said Veazey.

According to the proposals, the Ark would need more than 300,000 to operate. The SPCA would only cost the county $80,000 a year, relying on grants to bring in the rest of their yearly funds.

"You get what you pay for; you get what you pay for. And just because it's cheap doesn't make it good," said Veazey.

Commissioner Charlotte Peak-Jones says, to her knowledge, they did not violate any laws. She stands behind their decision.

"Typically when you put out bids you go with the cheapest and they both have the same criteria in there, they were both going to do the same thing. It's just the one was less expensive and the group chose to go that way," said Peak-Jones. "I commend our citizens for challenging any and all of our meetings. I think it's wise for a citizen to do that, don't just take our word for it."

The County Commissioners are set to meet on Monday, where they hope to vote on the recommendation.

Peak-Jones also says they will consult with the county attorney to make sure the committee followed proper procedures.