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Sandy Hook Victims remembered in Chattanooga

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December 14th, 2012, the nation was rocked by the horrific shooting massacre in Newtown, CT where a gunman entered an elementary school and opened fire.

Twenty-six people died: six faculty members and 20 students.

To remember those that died just one year ago, a candle light vigil was held Saturday morning in Chattanooga.

Volunteers with the non-profit called "Organizing for Action" scheduled the event.  They welcomed anyone impacted by gun violence.

Sheets of paper with Newtown victims' pictures and information were passed out. Candles were also passed out along with green ribbons which were pinned on everyone's shirt.

OFA volunteer, Tina Lindsay attended the remembrance ceremony.

"The best way to honor victims is to get involved, to make a difference by volunteering to help troubled youth or connecting with city leaders that are trying their best to improve gun especially in Chattanooga," Lindsay said. "We have a lot of gun crimes in our city.  We need to back up the mayor because he has done a lot for our city."

To contact the OAF:

Jermaine E. Freeman
Organizing For Action - TN
(423) 785-6605

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