They feed millions every year with their manna bags, but now feed My Starving Children is running low on inventory.

It only costs 22 cents per meal and a full manna pack can feed a mal-nourished child for nearly a week.

Friday night, hundreds of volunteers helped out the non-profit group as they worked to replenish a low supply.

Rice, dried veggies and protein are just a few of the ingredients these volunteers are using that will feed millions all year long.

ChristWay Community Church in Ooltewah has teamed up with My Starving Children in the past, but this year it isn't only to add to the supply.

"What we're doing is re-supplying their resources, and this will go to Haiti and Africa," said Pastor, John Waters.

Waters tells Channel 3, after the devastation in the Philippines, the My Starving Children non-profit wanted to help.

"They contacted us and said they had the food to send, but couldn't because it had to go to other places," said Waters.

So the church decided to step in to help, making nearly 300,000 life-saving meals.

"We told them if they would go ahead and send it to the Philippines we would get it re-supplied," said Waters.

But they aren't doing it alone. Waters tells us it's a large task for the church, taking 3 days and 1,400 volunteers made up from the congregation and the community. Not to mention, it's costing $70,000 to do, money the church hopes to raise during the event.

"It's a big deal, but God's in a big deal business and we're excited about what's happening," said Waters. "You'll see all the many hands making it happen and the community is coming together to make it happen."

If you couldn't make it out Friday, the event will continue Saturday, December 14th from 9-11 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.