Community members like Angel Hilkon say,"I appreciate the calculated steps the SWAT and
Chattanooga Police Department went through during the all night stand-off Wednesday."

The arriving officers asked for back-up after noticing the suspect had a long riffle in hand while
sitting outside near a home on Tremont Street .

They were also told prior, the suspect may have threatened his girlfriend,
fired a pistol at her and still had the gun.

CPD SWAT took several steps to ensure everyone's safety after receiving that information.
They first secured the scene and gather more information from any witnesses before
evacuating people inside the homes close by.

They threw tear gas, gave verbal commands, and sent a robot before someone called
police saying they noticed the suspect was spotted in a different location

Mike Williams, a former 25 year Swat Team Veteran says, "the ultimate goal is
that everyone returns home safe on both sides - especially for the officers that
want to return to their families."

CPD says, the suspect Alexander Petrochoko will receive a simple domestic assault charge.