The stepmother of a man accused of attempted murder, speaks out, defending her stepson, as he faced a judge for the first time.

Galen Allen is a suspect in the Highway 58 attempted robbery in the Bi-lo parking lot.
He and another suspect were shot, that suspect was killed.
Police are calling the incident a robbery gone bad.

It all happened last week, when the victim, Jaden Archer, says he was meeting Allen and a juvenile to buy computer tablets.
,But the duo tried to rob him, and guns were pulled.

Allen's stepmother says she believes Allen is a victim himself, and was never at Bi-lo to cause any trouble.

Serena McSears, suspect's stepmother, "I feel like my son is being truthful and honest all I can tell you I feel like he's innocent."

Archer says he shot them in self-defense. he will not be charged.
Allen faces a slew of charges including, attempted 1st degree murder and aggravated assault.